Our relaunch

For the past months we (the team behind Sync Hub) have been working towards our vision of having an online platform which could share news and inspiration about the global and local Conscious Business Movement.

For us, the change that we see happening around the world is hugely exciting. We are coming across stories, movements and companies that are truly changing the status quo. For us the Sync Hub is a place where all this energy can be channelled.  We live in the age of information, yet sometimes it can either overwhelm us or pass us by. This website is a place where the best content will be accessible, ready for you to come back to any time you need  your hope renewed or your inspiration re-ignited.

Our online platforms are the beginning of a journey to support the community of people who share our vision of business as a force for good. As a network we will gather, offer and share solutions for the challenges we face. This will lead us to also organise events locally which will bring people with this common set of values together.

Please read more about us and if you resonate with our mission, follow us here and on facebook. If you come across any stories that you feel are relevant and inspiring for the community of people who will follow our stories please drop us a line at info@synchub.org.

Thanks for reading and being part of this exciting evolution!

The Sync Hub team


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