5 channels for conscious business inspiration

Nowadays there is so much content on the internet. It can be hard to find the diamonds, so we’ve done the hard (more like fun) work for you. Here are 5 places you can go online to watch some awesome videos around the topic of conscious business.

1.  Wisdom 2.0

Wisdom-2.0-Mindfull-InvestorsWisdom 2.0 started off as a conference held annually in California. It now holds more events throughout the year and even held one edition in Europe (more please!). Their youtube channel shares videos taken of speakers’ presentations from their events. Some of them are real gems. We particularly like this one with Jeff Weiner from LinkedIn on Compassionate Leadership

2. Talks at Google

Google hosts many interesting talks under their ‘Talks at Google’ channel. Some are more interesting than others. We particularly like the ‘Mindfulness at Google’ Channel and also the channel dedicated to Leaadership

3. LinkedIn Speaker Series

LinkedIn is another one of the big businesses to really invest in inspiration. This channel is dedicated to inspiring professionals to be ‘more productive and successful’. Not all the videos are aligned with conscious business principles, but some are and you can find some absolute gems. This one with Fred Kofman, author of ‘Conscious Business’ is one of them.

4. Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands is a series of conferences held all around the world, from San Diego to Australia, with Istanbul, London and Barcelona in between. Their conferences bring together some of business’ biggest players with some of the most radical and alternative voices, all with the intention of making business more sustainable. On their Youtube channel you will find inspirational videos of talks given at many of their conferences.

5. Ian Mackenzie

ian-mackenzie-directorIan Mackenzie calls himself a ‘new paradigm storyteller’, and we have to say that he does live up to that billing. On his website you can find some truly remarkable short films and documentaries on a variety of topics. One thing that they all have in common though is beautiful vision with an activist streak. He won Best Documentary at the Media Film Festival in 2004 and was voted as one of Vimeo’s Staff picks. One of our favourites is his work to produce ‘Sacred Economics‘ with Charles Eisentstein. He also made a brilliant documentary on the Occupy Love movement in 2013.

Hope you enjoy these videos as much as we did, and if you come across any that you think we could add to our list, send us an e-mail at info@synchub.org


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