How Companies & Organisations are coming together to Create Positive Social Impact in Malta.

Bright Ideas Welcome

–   The Social Impact Awards Malta  –

Attracting more creativity and engagement in the social sector in Malta is increasingly becoming a priority. Many people have innovative ideas to improve our community and create positive change through projects and they have the passion and dedication to make them happen.

These ideas often don’t become a reality if people find it challenging to find the resources to kickstart the idea and move from idea to conception.

People who want to use art to raise awareness about a social issue, an organization that is working to create a communal garden for local residents, a group of social entrepreneurs who are working on an app to reduce carbon emissions from cars – these are people who believe in a social purpose and have an idea to make change happen.


Do you want to create positive change in your community?

Have you been thinking about, creating or working on a project to make this happen?

There’s a new and refreshing way to get the support and resources you need to take your project to the next stage.

Inspirasia Foundation and Gasan Foundation in collaboration with other businesses have launched The Social Impact Awards. This is an opportunity for organisations and individuals to pitch their projects to judges. The prizes include non-financial support such as mentorship and consultancy on how to scale your project to have maximum social impact from experts in different fields. There is also a total of €50,000 in the form of grants that will be distributed to the most effective submissions.

This is also a chance for you to meet a community of entrepreneurs, peers and experts who are working towards creating similar projects. It is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded people and share your ideas and knowledge.


You can submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ by noon on 11th July 2016.

For more details, check out Inspirasia here.




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