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The Federation of Rescued Kitchenware (F.O.R.K.)


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Maltese social entrepreneur Francesca Micallef and a group of former students living in London are sending new kitchenware packing!

THE CONCEPT Second-hand kitchenware is provided to students moving to London.

The Federation of Rescued Kitchenware – aka F.O.R.K. – was set up by Francesca together with three fellow students Chloe, Laura and Ines while they completed their studies in Sustainable Development at Middlesex university, Forum for the Future and UCL. The aim is to reduce waste and encourage reuse of kitchenware that would otherwise be thrown away.

The Issue

Anyone who has left home to attend university knows about the expenses associated with moving into a new room, home or even a new city. Buying fancy kitchenware is not high on your priority list.

Here’s Where F.O.R.K. Came In

“We all had experience as cash-strapped students, moving to foreign countries where we had to buy lots of new stuff when moving in, sometimes just for short periods of time. We wanted to do something about this, coupled with our passion for encouraging sustainability so we started looking for a solution – and that’s where F.O.R.K. was born,??? explains Francesca.

F.O.R.K. collects second-hand kitchenware, packs them in F.O.R.K. starter-kit boxes and sells all your kitchen essentials that can be delivered straight to your door.

Contents of the FORK starter pack

–  The F.O.R.K. starter-kit –


Why Kitchenware?

Kitchenware is one of the most commonly reused items. Think about it, you go to a restaurant and use cutlery, glasses and sometimes even a napkin that was used by someone else. Whereas some people may have reservations about buying other people’s clothes (also known as the ‘Vintage’ craze in the UK), we are accustomed to using kitchenware that is used by others too.

Do you have your own knife, fork and mug at home or do you wash them up and use each others’?

Students save time and money from hunting around IKEA stores or Tescos trying to find the cheapest deal on a knife and fork set. While also helping to reduce the increasing amount of waste sent to landfills each year.

Waste is as much of an issue in Malta as it is in London!

 Did you know: Over 88% of the waste we produce ends up in landfill in Malta


Here’s What’s Happening Now:

Francesca together her three fellow students Chloe, Laura and Ines set up F.O.R.K. while they completed their studies in Sustainable Development, a Masters course developed by Forum for the Future and Middlesex University. What started out as a research project, is now developing into a successful social enterprise that can be scaled to universities across the UK – and who knows – around the world!


F.O.R.K. is kicking off their second pilot project in September in London. After selling out in only 30 minutes at one university last year, the girls are keen to continue their mission of helping good quality kitchen are bypass the bins.


Here’s the Next Challenge:

We love this concept and want to help the F.O.R.K. girls rescue kitchenware from the plight of dreary landfills the world over!

And you can help too!

The girls were using Chloe’s mum’s kitchen as their workshop. As they plan to expand to take on more universities, they are now on the hunt for a space in London. Do you know of a space with a commercial dishwasher and working kitchen somewhere within the London postcode that they could use, usually over the weekends? We’re thinking Community Centers, School Kitchens… the more ideas, the better!

Click here for a word from the founders about details.

We’ll be following F.O.R.K. as this brilliant concept unfolds so watch this space and get in touch if you give a F.O.R.K.!



  • Mary Attard
    Reply July 14, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    This kitchenware surplus project is for London only or open to Maltese also…..where can one deliver a pack of such kitchenware in Malta? Keep it up – great idea…tks Mary

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